Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration runs programmes leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. It seeks to provide broad-based undergraduate level programmes that produce graduates with the skills, knowledge, and values to help them excel in a diverse, globally-competitive environment.

The fundamental objective of the Department is to inculcate in the students the ability to access and analyse information using basic tools for analytical thinking, good judgment, entrepreneurship, leadership and other critical managerial skills.

The specific objectives of the programme are to:
•develop the knowledge, analytical ability and balanced judgement to solve business problems;
•understand individual disciplines in the business world as well as the interrelationship of each discipline as a whole;
•understand the necessary techniques for dealing with the economic, social and political environment of the business firm, especially quantitative techniques and communication skills;
•possess the needed skills for jobs that will be available upon graduation as well as jobs that will be created in future;
•Provide adequate response to the managerial, administrative and leadership requirements of government and industry;
•Meet the demands and aspirations for continuing education in Ghana;
•Develop an appreciation of and respect for industry’s role in the development of Africa; and
•Receive encouragement and preparation to pursue advanced (graduate) studies and professional certifications.

BSc Business Administration Programme Options

1.  Human Resource Management (HRM)
2. Banking and Finance
3. Accounting
4. Marketing
5. Insurance
6. Entrepreneurship