KAAF University College was incorporated in 2006 under the companies Code Act 179 of 1963. However, admissions started during the 2008/2009 Academic Year with a handful of pioneering students. The school started with the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering and later a Department of Business. Within 4 years, the number had risen to nearly a 1000, with the Engineering Faculty having the larger number of students.

The School currently has a student population of around 1200 and offers courses in engineering, business, law, nursing and computer science and is affiliated to KNUST as our mentor institution and for engineering and business, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) for our law program, and to University for Development Studies(UDS) for computer Science.

According to the Founder of KAAF University College, Mr Michael Aidoo, two things prompted him to establish the University College:

  1. He realized, after many years of working with various organizations, that there were Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates who sometimes proved more proficient than BSC. Degree holders but were discriminated against in terms of remuneration and the opportunities to rise to top management positions because they did not possess degrees. He therefore decided to help such HND holders to obtain the necessary engineering degrees not only to improve their performance and increase their earnings but to provide them the opportunity to grow.
  2. He desired to help increase the number of engineers in the country. As such, he decided to establish a University College near Accra Because there were institutions and organization in the metropolitan area that had laboratories which could be accessible to the students of the University College.


Without prejudice to the generality of its powers under the Code, the University College is guided by the following principles in the realization of its Objectives:

  1. That in determining the courses and programmes to be taught, emphasis shall be placed on a balanced pursuit of the basic and applied sciences, the development, application and management of technology and the humanities, which are of special relevance to the needs and aspiration of Ghanaians in particular, Africans and others in general.
  2. That higher education shall be available to all Ghanaians, African and others who are capable of benefitting from it.
  3. That Research shall be undertaken in all courses which are taught in the university  College but with attention to courses which relates to the social,  cultural, or economic, scientific, technical and other problems which exist in Ghana or elsewhere in Africa and the world.
  4. That the fruit of research and knowledge generally shall be disseminated by the publication of books and papers and by other suitable means.
  5. That Student shall be taught methods of critical and independent thought, while they are being made aware that they have a responsibility to use their education for service to themselves first, ten to the country and humanity.
  6. That as far as practicable, student shall be trained to be innovative and entrepreneurial to enhance soci0-economic development.
  7. That products of the University College shall be individuals who are self-motivated in the realization of their responsibility to God, their fellow citizens and to the State.
  8. That there shall be inculcated in Students; ethical, moral and intellectual values that manifest in courage discipline fair play, self-motivation and respect for the dignity of a honest life.

We are the first private University College to offer programmes leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.