Semester Calendar

Academic Calendar

Activity Date(s)
Lectures Resume for Top-up Students Fri, 12th Jan, 2018
Arrival of Freshmen (Jan/Feb Admission)-Regular Fri, 12th Jan, 2018.
Course Registration/Orientation and Medical – Mon, 15th Exams for Freshmen (Jan/Feb) Fri, 19th Jan, 2018.
Arrival of Continuing Students (Regular) Fri, 19th Jan. 2018.
Course Registration for Continuing Students Mon, 22nd Jan, – Fri, 26th Jan, 2018.
 Mid-Semester Exams for Top-Up Students Fri, 26th – Sat. 27th Jan, 2018.
Lectures begin for Continuing and Fresh Student (Regular) Mon. 22nd Jan, 2018.
 Late Registration with a Fine Mon. 29th Jan, – Fri. 2nd Feb, 2018.
Registration of Students Ends Fri. 2nd Feb, 2018.
 Revision Week for Top-Up Students Fri. 23rd Feb. – Sat, 24th Feb, 2018
Second Congregation
End of Semester Exams (Top-Up) Fri. 2nd March – Sat, 10th March, 2018
Mid-Semester Exams for Jan/Feb admissions and Continuing Students (Regular) Mon. 5th March – Fri, 9th Mar, 2018
Semester Break (Top-Up Students) Sat. 10th March, 2018.
Re-sit Exams (Top-Up Students) Fri. 16th March – 30th March, 2018
Opening date for Bridging Students Fri, 23rd March, 2018.
Registration & Orientation (Bridging Students) Fri, 23rd March – Sat, 31st March, 2018
Registration of Continuing Students (Top-Up) Fri, 30th March – Sat, 7th April, 2018
Assessment of Lecturers Mon. 2nd April, – Fri. 6th April, 2018.
End of Semester Exams (Regular Students) Mon. 11th Dec. – Sat. 23rd Dec, 2017
Lectures Begin (Top-Up) Fri, 6th April, 2018.
Registration with a fine (Top-Up) Fri. 13th April – Sat, 14th April, 2018.
Mid-Session Exams (Top-Up) Fri, 20th April, – Sat, 21st April, 2018
 Revision Week for Continuing Students (Regular) Mon. 23rd April – Fri, 27th April, 2018
Matriculation Fri, 27th April, 2018
End of Second Semester Exams (Regular) Mon, 30th April – Mon, 21st May 2018
Lab and workshops at selected Labs …………………………………………………
Industrial Attachment (Industrial Training – IT) Fri, 1st June – Fri, 31st Aug., 2018
Revision Week (Top-Up) Fri, 1st June – Sat, 2nd June, 2018
Classes begin for February Admitted Students Mon. 4th June, 2018
Re-opening and Course Registration (Regular) 4th June 2016 – 8th June, 2018
End of Session Exams (Top-Up) Fri, 8th June – Sat, 16th June, 2018
Re-open Session (Top-Up) Fri. 29th June, 2018
Lectures Begin (Top-Up) Fri, 29th June, 2018
Mid-Semester Exams (Top-Up) Fri, 20th July – 28th July, 2018
Revision Week for February Admitted Students Mon, 30th July – Fri, 3rd August, 2018
Re-sit/ Supplementary Exams Mon. 6th Aug – Fri, 24th Aug. 2018
Revision Week (Top – Up) Fri. 17th Aug – Sat, 18th Aug, 2018
End of Semester Exams (Top – Up) Fri. 24th Aug – Sat, 1st Sept, 2018
Examinations for February Admitted Students Mon. 6th Aug – 25th Aug, 2018
Examinations for February Admitted Students Mon. 6th Aug – 25th Aug, 2018
Semester Break (Top – Up) Continuing Sat, 1st Sept. – 27th Sep. 2018
Re-opening for 2018/2019 Academic Year Fri, 7th September, 2018
Re-opening for Bridging /Registration Fri. 28th September, 2018
Re-opening for 2017/2018 (Top Up Continuing Stud.) Fri, 28th September, 2018
Lectures Begin for Top-Up (Bridging & Continuing) Fri. 5th October, 2018