Student Governance

The activities of the SRC of all public and private universities in Ghana are supposed to be in consonance with the laws of the Republic of Ghana as well as the statutes of the institution under consideration. Therefore, the structure of the SRC has undergone a series of transformation over the years as a result of the amendments and review of its constitution to ensure its conformity.


The student Representative Council of KAAF University College (KUC – SRC) is an association which embodies the entirety of students of KAAF University College. It was formed in 2008; the very year the school was established. The SRC is the umbrella association under which all other student associations falls. KUC – SRC has a mandate to promote students’ interest and guarantee a better welfare for students. It coordinates the activities of all the various clubs or sub-associations in the University College with the paramount aim of ensuring students’ welfare.

As such, the SRC is prominent for its energy and cautious but effective approach to handling students’ affairs.

This approach has been the trademark of many students who have served as student leaders. Governed by insightful and transformational leaders, the KUC – SRC equally helps to promote the vision of the University College through the implementation of effective welfare activities.

Governance Structure
Presently, the council is made up of three major working bodies which are the Executive Council, the Judicial Council and Parliamentary Council.

The Executive Council
The Executive Council, like the executive arm of government at the national level, is the policy initiating and implementing body of the SRC. It comprises the executive committee and the executive officers. The Executive Committee includes the SRC President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, the Women’s Commissioner and the Treasurer. The executive officers are the Chief of Staff and the local PUSAG President. The Executive Committee and the Executive Officers form the Council of the SRC which is chaired by the SRC president.

The Judicial Council
The Judicial Council serves as the legal arm of the SRC. The Judicial Council is mandated constitutionally to adjudicate on matters brought under its jurisdiction. The judicial council chairman chairs the judicial council and presides over judicial committee sittings.

The Parliamentary Council

The Parliamentary Council, which is also referred to as the General Assembly (GA), serves as the parliament of the KAAF University College SRC. It is constitutionally mandated as the highest decision making body of the SRC.

The GA, which convenes every semester, is made up of all SRC executives, committee heads and members, heads of clubs and societies, and all the class representatives.

Message from the SRC President

The student Representative Council of KAAF University College (KUC – SRC) is one of the most vibrant student associations within the private universities of Ghana.

The enthusiasm in students and their unwavering dedication towards the SRC has made it a success. The coordinated effort of our predecessors, patriots and all those who in one way or the other have contributed towards the continuous existence of this great friendship is not forgettable.

Here at KAAF University College, our SRC is a friendship kind of student body in all aspects, giving into account our pool of students from all over Africa. Our unique understanding of diversity, ethnicity, religious differences and individual perception makes us the best student body in Ghana.

In a campus of multiple talents and unique individual creativity, it opens us up to more opportunities to be the best in whatever programme or event we do.

This new leadership is dedicated to bearing a collective responsibility for individual success which will bring about a better KUC – SRC.

Our programs outlined for the academic section range from high to infinity with one of our goals which is to ensure that excellence in education is balanced with entertainment especially because talent is in abundance at KAAF University College.

I use this great medium to urge all students both FRESHMEN and CONTINUING students to make education a priority as we intend to make KAAF University College a benchmark for other institutions when it comes to student governance.

We welcome all prospective students. AKWAABA (WELCOME) TO KAAF UNIVERSITY COLLEGE where education is made a culture.

Committees of the SRC

Financial Committee
The Financial Committee is responsible for the management and disbursement of SRC funds, preparation of SRC semester statement of accounts, pre-auditing of all financial transactions of the executive officers, commissioners or committees involving amounts as may be determined by the members of the General Assembly, publication on all notice boards details of all financial transactions of the SRC, Commissions and Committees of the General Assembly in the proceeding semester, encouragement and promotion of efficient utilization of the resources of the SRC through an effective and efficient financial measure. The Financial committee is a trustee of SRC funds and responsible for monitoring the receipts and payments out of the students fund and shall report to the General Assembly every six (6) weeks.

Health Committee
The committee attends to all emergency health needs and offer first aid to the student body, serve as caretakers of the school dispensary and ensure that there are adequate drugs to cater for the first aid treatment, organize health talks, programmes, seminars or walks and other health checks after consultations with and approval of the Executive Committee.

Sports Committee
The committee is responsible for the development, co-ordination, promotion and organization of all games or sporting activities on the University Campuses. It keeps inventory of all sports equipment and issue them to the various levels/ classes as and when they are need.

Entertainment Committee
It oversees the organization of all SRC entertainment activities on campus and a part of the SRC Week Planning Committee whenever the SRC Week is about to be celebrated.

Sponsorship Committee
This committee is responsible for the raising of funds to support all SRC programmes in consultation with the Finance committee, drafting proposals for sponsorship for all activities and projects of the SRC, distributing the proposals to various corporate organizations and individual stakeholders they deem appropriate and also, work with the various committees handling various activities and /or project at all times.