Memorandum of Understanding between KAAF University College and Kantanka Centre of Excellence

Posted on: 13 October 2016

KAAF University College, Buduburam, and Kantanka Centre of Excellence, Gomoa Mpota, on Wednesday 5th October 2016, signed a Memorandum of Understanding the aim of which is to establish an agreement and forge coorperation between the two parties to jointly identify engineering problems of common interest and work towards their solutions.

The agreement was signed for on behalf of KAAF University College, by its Rector, Dr. Frederick Yaw Addo-Abedi and Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo, Director of Kantanka Centre of Excellence, KCE.

In the spirit of university and industry collaboration and understanding, the Kantanka Centre of Excellence (KCE) and KAAF University College agree to establish university-industry collaboration with the following objectives:

1. To foster university-industry collaboration so as to encourage multi-disciplinary research programmes and training.

2. Establish a platform for identifying engineering problems of common interest and seek their solutions.

3. Build capacity of both institutions through development and practical realisation of these solutions.

Upon the mutual consent of the two parties, the collaboration shall be carried out to the extent feasible, through such responsibilities as defined below:


  1. KCE shall avail its facilities such as workshop, laboratory, fabrication equipment, etc. to faculty, technicians and students of KAAF working closely with engineers and technicians of KCE on projects of common interest, training and research.
  2. KCE shall accept and provide practical training for KAAF students upon request and also evaluate the students' performance of such training by way of assessment of the reports presented by the students.
  3. Accept KAAF students for internship.
  4. KCE may upon agreement between the two parties advertise, fabricate and commercialise any proto-type design which KAAF may develop and accept to willingly recognise any innovation or contribution of KAAF.
  5. KCE may not charge any facilities user fees.
  6. KCE shall arrange for the boarding and lodging, and total welfare of their workers when they are on in-service training at KAAF.


  1. KAAF will make available to KCE its expertise in various fields including Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics and Computer Science.
  2. Upon request from KCE, KAAF shall give special concession to KCE staff who meet the minimum requirement for admission for the up-grading of manpower requirement of KCE.
  3. Upon request from KCE, KAAF could design a special programme for KCE staff (the medium of instruction may not necessarily be in English) so that they could be awarded Certificate of Proficiency upon completion of the programme.
  4. KAAF shall make its facilities available for the training of KCE workers and research on gratis.
  5. KAAF shall arrange for the boarding and lodging, insurance, transportation and the total welfare of their students when they are on practical attachment at KCE.
  6. KAAF shall ensure that students on practical training shall abide by the rules and regulations of KCE.
  7. KAAF may assist KCE to put up a room at KCE for accomodation and training of their students.

This agreement between KAAF and KCE will remain in force for a period of five (5) years from the date of signing at which time it will be reviewed every five (5) years.

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